Frequently asked questions

What type of contract does Eteco propose?

Eteco usually offers a HaaS contract – Hardware as a Service – for a period of 10 years. In some cases we evaluate shorter durations.

What are the physical phenomena on which F3MAX filters act by reducing energy waste and ensuring energy efficiency?

F3MAX, by reducing higher order super-harmonics (harmonics > 2 kHz) present in electrical networks, allows reducing the following effects which are associated with additional energy losses due to the aforementioned super-harmonics:

  • Skin effect, produces losses in the form of heat (proportional to the square root of the frequency of super-harmonic currents) due to the increase in the resistance of all the conductors present in the electrical networks (MV/LV transformers, cables, electrical panels, busbars, electric motors, etc.);
  • Proximity effect, produces losses in the form of heat due to electromagnetic interference between adjacent conductors, amplifying the skin effect;
  • Electromagnetic hysteresis, produces losses in the form of heat (proportional to the frequency of superharmonic currents) in inductive loads (transformers and electric motors) in which electromagnetic induction is used for operation;
  • Eddy currents produce losses in the form of heat (proportional to the square of the frequency of super-harmonic currents) in conductors immersed in a variable magnetic field.

How is it possible that at least 5% savings are guaranteed considering that F3MAX only acts on super-harmonics which are normally associated with low energy shares?

The additional energy losses due to the skin effect, proximity effect, electromagnetic hysteresis and eddy currents are losses that depend significantly on the frequency of the super-harmonic currents and not on their intensity. Therefore, although a low current intensity is associated with super-harmonic currents, the amount of losses (kWh) caused by them is decidedly considerable.

Is it possible to test the solution before deciding whether to purchase it?

Yes, Eteco fully understood the customer’s need to test the solution. Certain of the results that can be obtained, Eteco always suggests carrying out a non-binding test before selling.

Does F3MAX interfere with the power factor correction system?

No, with the foresight of installing it upstream of the centralized power factor correction system for the purpose of global and effective energy filtering.

Can I use it if my system is connected to a self-consumption photovoltaic system? If yes, where to connect the Eteco F3MAX system?

Yes, the Eteco F3MAX filter system can also be used when the system is connected to self-consumption photovoltaic panels. The system must always be connected downstream of the connection point of the photovoltaic system (load side).

Is this solution eligible to benefit from the 4.0 tax credit?

Yes, the ETECO F3MAX system is among the assets of Annex A subgroup “Systems for quality assurance and sustainability” – Components, systems and intelligent solutions for the management, efficient use and monitoring of energy and water consumption and to reduce emissions. To this end, it satisfies the interconnection requirement.

What differentiates F3MAX from other filters on the market?

F3MAX is a current optimizer (not a voltage optimizer) to reduce energy losses, which filters the current allowing a reduction of high frequency electrical noise and, consequently, can be used both in the electrical networks of passive users (consumers of energy) and in the electricity grids of active users (energy producers).

The other filters currently on the market are not intended to reduce energy losses and make electricity networks more efficient; rather they have the purpose of protecting electrical loads from possible malfunctions.

If I sell or have to dismantle a system, can I remove the filters and reuse them elsewhere?

Yes, the flexibility of our modular solution also adapts very well to this type of need. The Eteco Team can provide the necessary support for the new sizing and installation of the filter system.

If I needed F3MAX quickly, how long would it take for delivery?

Eteco is organized to have the goods ready for delivery and promptly satisfy requests from its customers.

National and international patent

Proprietary know-how, patented solution both nationally and internationally. F3MAX is entirely designed and manufactured in Italy.

  • Increased energy production for energy producers.
  • Electricity savings for energy users.
  • Web dashboard and remote monitoring.
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