What type of contract does Eteco offer for Solar Boost?

Eteco is offering a sales contract for Solar Boost.

What are the physical phenomena on which Solar Boost filters act so that it is ensured energy efficiency?

Solar Boost, by reducing higher order super-harmonics (harmonics > 2 kHz) coming from the public electrical grid, allows to reduce the following effects which are associated with additional energy losses due to the aforementioned super-harmonics:

  • Skin effect, produces losses in the form of heat (proportional to the square root of the frequency of super-harmonic currents) due to the increase in the resistance of all the conductors present in the electrical networks (MV/LV transformers, cables, electrical panels, busbars, electric motors, etc.);
  • Proximity effect, produces losses in the form of heat due to electromagnetic interference between adjacent conductors, amplifying the skin effect;
  • uperharmonic currents) in inductive loads (transformers and electric motors) in which electromagnetic induction is used for operation;
  • Eddy currents produce losses in the form of heat (proportional to the square of the frequency of super-harmonic currents) in conductors immersed in a variable magnetic field..

How is it possible to obtain an improvement of Performance Ratio of my photovoltaic system considering that Solar Boost only acts on super-harmonics which are normally associated with low energy levels?

The additional energy production due to the reduction of the skin effect, proximity effect, electromagnetic hysteresis and eddy currents, depends significantly on the filtering of super-harmonic currents and not on the intensity. Thus, although super-harmonic currents are associated with low current intensity, the magnitude of inefficiencies caused by them is quite considerable.

What does differentiate Solar Boost from other filters on the market?

The patented technology makes Solar Boost unique in being able to improve the PR of photovoltaic systems by acting as a current optimizer (not as voltage optimizer). Its activity consists in filtering the current reducing high frequency electrical noise.

The other filters, currently on the market, are intended to protect electrical loads from malfunctions and not to increase the PR by going to immunize the electrical system from high frequency electrical noise

If I sell a photovoltaic system, can I remove the filters and reuse them elsewhere?

Yes, the flexibility of our modular solution is also well suited to this need. The Eteco Team can provide the necessary support for the new sizing and installation of the filtering system to make it suitable for energy filtering in the new photovoltaic plant.

If I needed Solar Boost quickly, how long would it take for delivery?

Eteco is organized to have the goods ready for delivery and promptly satisfy requests from his customers.

National and international patent

This solution is designed specifically for optimizing the performance of your photovoltaic system

  • Increase the Performance Ratio of your photovoltaic system
  • Real-time monitoring of performance
  • Equipped with specific connecting cables to neutralize the skin effect
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