The installation wiring diagram is custom-designed for each power grid after a careful analysis with the goal of maximizing energy efficiency.


Proprietary know-how, the result of years of in-house research and development. F3MAX is a unique system that combines sustainability and competitiveness.

CE Mark

Entirely designed and manufactured in Italy. Compliance to CE safety, health and environmental protection requirements.


Connected in parallel, F3MAX filters high-frequency noise without discharging it to the ground but absorbing it internally.

Plug & Play

Plug & Play technology allows to install without any plant modifications and with little plant downtime.


The parallel installation wiring diagram of F3MAX ensures continuity of power supply to the system.


Reduction of power losses caused by high-frequency interference (EMI) and increase of efficiency and performance.

Improvement of power quality in the grid of industrial, commercial, institutional, and power-producing users (BT or MT). Versatile solution that easily adapts to any power grid where it is installed. High-precision meter for consumption monitoring and remote control.


Superior Quality

International patent.
Title: “Passive filter for high-frequency electric noise reduction for electric power distribution networks

National patent application No. 102018000009853
Grant date: October 8, 2020
International patent application: no. PCT/IT2019/050224
Date of filing: 25 October 2019

F3MAX is a cross-sector solution