Can we create economic value from energy?
Can we increase the energy efficiency of electricity grids and reduce consumption?
Can we combine sustainability and competitiveness?
This is Eteco. Asking audacious questions and innovating to answer them.

Study and research. Eteco is born

Eteco, in line with its mission and identity, works towards more sustainable business management that generates economic value for companies and contributes to preserving the environment.

Casillo Group Company

Eteco is an enterprise of the Casillo Group - the world's leading food company in the processing and distribution of flour - with which it shares a managerial structure and strategic vision.


Eteco’s mission is to create value from energy, creating value for business and the environment. But this is not enough. Eteco looks far ahead and invests in research and development to innovate, looking at the issue from the point of view of ‘power quality’ in terms of energy saving.


More power quality

Improving power quality through the adoption of a patented bandpass filter, combining quality and energy saving.

More energy saving

More power quality, higher performance of electrical machines cables and equipment, reduced losses and lower costs and consumption.

’’ It is not enough for us to know, we also want to deepen, experiment and test. Our organizational culture supports corporate growth and human resources development. Such a configuration facilitates operational effectiveness and competitive advantage’’

PIETRO ANDRIOLA - CEO and Founder Eteco srl

Our Team 

Professionals with decades of experience in energy management.

Pietro Andriola

CEO and Founder

Doctor of Management Engineering with solid and proven experience in the energy sector. Previously a consultant, he is the inventor of F3MAX.

Paolo Benda

Business Development

A mechanical engineer with in-depth knowledge of various business processes, at Eteco he deals with the business development and improvement of company operations.

Giuseppe Ambrosio

Project Engineer

Responsible for engineering aspects, he plans, schedules and manages to ensure accuracy, adequate resources and quality from start to finish.